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    can anybody suggest the best cards for this situation:

    I’m Dutch and I have a Singapore company which sells products in the USA. I spend a LOT per month on paid advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Amazon sponsored ads) and I have very high costs on my USA UPS shipping account since we use UPS to send products from the warehouse to customers. I would love to pay for these costs with a credit card that gets me reward points that I can use for flights.

    I’ve looked into it and it appears to be very hard for me to get an interesting card myself, since I’m Dutch and in the Netherlands we don’t really have good credit cards for this and I can’t apply for a USA credit card because I don’t have a social security number.

    Then I noticed duitpintar and it looks like Indonesia does have interesting credit cards. I’m pretty sure I can’t apply for any of these cards as a foreigner, but I reckon my wife who is Indonesian can. Currently she banks with BCA and Permata, but possibly could open an account at another bank if required.
    We mostly travel together and my friends take their wives with their air miles all the time, so it would be fine to collect points on her name where she takes me instead of the other way around what my friends are doing.

    I would greatly appreciate advice on which cards would be most suitable for my setup in which the goal is to earn points from my USD advertisment spend and UPS shipping account, that I can use for flights (discounts on flights, business class upgrades).

    Thanks duitpintar-ers!

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    Hey Tom,
    Thanks for your question. Yes Indonesia does have interesting credit cards with plenty of benefits (including air miles). And since as you mention, you spend a lot of money on online transactions, you will definitely enjoy earning miles with your card 🙂

    A few questions though:

    1. Your wife banks with BCA & Permata: does she currently have an active credit card with either of the bank?
    2. We do have a credit card in mind that might work for your wife. The requirements are: (1) Applicant must have at least 1 credit card from another bank (2) Must be an employee of a well-established and renowned company, having worked for at least 1 year (3) Min. Rp 10 mio/month of salary
    3. If the requirements do not suit your condition, you can also consider getting a secured credit card. So you have to put a certain amount of deposit beforehand, and your credit card limit would be approx. 80% of the amount you have deposited.

    The concept might be unorthodox.. but this is a great way to get your 1st Indonesian credit card and enjoy benefits like cashback, discounts and points that you can convert to miles.

    Also having at least one Indonesian credit card for at least a year, with good transactions/payment history would make it easier for you and your wife to apply for other credit cards in the future/or any other types of bank products/loans.

    This type of credit card, isn’t usually advertised publicly by the banks, so you need to visit a few banks within your residential area, to ask if they do provide this product and to compare the benefits they offer.
    Hope this answer helps. Let us know if there’s any more questions 🙂

    Best regards,
    Forum DuitPintar Team | Maksimalkan Keuangan Anda!

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